Dedicated Support

Our account service specialists are here to help, with timely resolution to your service-related inquiries and facilitation of training and education on products, services and reporting tools.

Specialized Solution Experts

We know every business is different. Our specialized experts can help you unleash the full value of your equipment and apps.

24/7 Support Line

You live business 24/7 and so do we. First Data is always on, always easily available to help you continually improve.

Ongoing Communication

We’ll make sure you’re always running at max efficiency by keeping you up to date on the latest payment improvements and advice on how to avert potential issues.

Insider Info 24/7—Merchant InsiderSM membership is complimentary with your payment processing service. Use Merchant Insider to stay up to date on security, training and saving money.


You have too much to risk. First Data can help you reduce the risk that comes with debit and credit card payment acceptance with TransArmor® and get you prepared to accept EMV® payments with EMV-enabled point-of-sale systems.