Gyft® for Business


Now you can launch a branded, mobile gift card program in just a few minutes. Simply download the Gyft for Business app to your CloverTM Solution and follow a few prompts to get set up. Then, your customers can conveniently buy, send, receive, redeem and reload gift cards on their mobile devices. It's one more way to build customer loyalty. Go mobile. Go Gyft.

Gyft is simple and effortless for everyone.


  • Attract new customers and reward current ones
  • Set up your Gyft program in one day
  • Manage your entire mobile gift card program from your Clover™ Station
  • Reduce fraud by switching from paper certificates and plastic cards
  • Reach current and new customers who are mobile savvy
  • Build your brand and boost loyalty


  • Say "happy birthday," "I love you" and "thank you" with ease
  • Manage all aspects of Gyft from their mobile phones
  • Buy, send, redeem, reload, check balances—all by mobile device


Stay compliant. Accept chip cards with a free FD40*.

*With CloverTM Purchase